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Born in Gilbert Arizona, Remington is the only boy in his family stuck in the middle of four very charismatic sisters. He graduated from BYU with a degree in advertising and a minor in film. He won a student Emmy Award for his commercial work, was shortlisted three times for the 2024 Young Director Awards, and received a portfolio award from both the One Club of Creativity and D&AD. His debut short film "Poolside Inn" premiered at the Palm Springs International Shortest in June 2023 and was nominated for Best Student and Best Midnight Short. He loves to roller skate, host trivia nights, watch awards shows, and cry during movies. His most prized possessions are his highly curated Spotify playlists and diary of controversial Letterboxd reviews. You can schedule him for an interview or get to know him more at some of the links below.




2024 Shortlist (x3)


2024 Student Emmy Award

2024 Student Emmy Nomination (x3)

2023 Young Ones Portfolio Award
2024 ADC GOLD Cube (x2)
2024 ADC SILVER Cube
2024 ADC BRONZE Cube (x2)

2023 ADC GOLD Cube (x2)
2023 ADC SILVER Cube (x4)
2023 ADC BRONZE Cube (x4)
2023 Young Ones Merit (x9)


2024 Shortlist
2023 Official Selection
2023 Shortlist (x3)


2024 National ADDY Judge's Choice

2024 GOLD National ADDY

2024 GOLD Regional ADDY

2024 SILVER Utah ADDY (x2)

2023 National ADDY Judge's Choice

2023 GOLD National ADDY (x2)

2023 GOLD Regional ADDY

2023 SILVER Regional ADDY (x4)

2023 Utah ADDY Judge's Choice (x2)

2023 GOLD Utah ADDY (x8)

2023 SILVER Utah ADDY (x8)

2023 Gold (x2)
2023 Shortlist (x4)

2024 Bronze
2024 Shortlist (x2)
2023 Silver
2023 Bronze (x4)
2023 Shortlist (x4)

2023 D&AD Portfolio Award

2023 D&AD Yellow Pencil

2024 Gold - Commercial
2024 New Director Shortlist (x2)

2023 Gold (x4)
2023 Silver (x7)
2023 Bronze (x6)

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