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"What Time Has Brought Me"

Director, DP, Editor:  Remington Butler
Art Direction:  Annie Kate Cutler,  Annabelle Peterson
Copywriting:  Ashley Hale
Song:  Ashley Hale


2023 Judge's Choice: National ADDY

2023 GOLD National ADDY: Copywriting
2023 GOLD National ADDY: Art Direction
2023 Telly SILVER: Branded Content
2023 Telly BRONZE: Online Commercial

2023 SILVER Clio: Music - Original

2023 BRONZE Clio: Production Design
2023 Clio Shortlist: Film (Scripted)
AICP Shortlist
2023 GOLD Regional ADDY: Music and Sound Design
2023 SILVER Regional ADDY: Copywriting

2023 SILVER Regional ADDY: Art Direction
2023 SILVER Utah ADDY: Television Advertising
2023 SILVER Utah ADDY: Copywriting
2023 SILVER Utah ADDY: Art Direction


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