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"We Don't Judge, We Drive"


Director, Editor:  Remington Butler
DP:  Tanner Jackson
Art Direction:  Gwynie Bahr

Copywriting:  Carter Halvorsen,  Jeremy Holbrook
Title Card: Jack Dearden


2024 Student Emmy Nomination
2023 AICP Official Selection
2023 GOLD ADC Cube: Direction

2023 GOLD ADC Cube: Cinematography
2023 SILVER ADC Cube: TV/Film/Online Video
2023 SILVER ADC Cube: Video - Visual
2023 BRONZE ADC Cube: Video/Audio - Sound
2023 BRONZE ADC Cube: Art Direction

2023 Young Ones Merit: Editing
2023 Telly GOLD: Online Commercial
2023 International ANDYS: Shortlist

2023 BRONZE Clio: Student Film (30-60 Seconds)
2023 Clio Shortlist: Cinematography
2024 1.4 Shortlist

2023 GOLD Utah ADDY: Art Direction
2023 GOLD Utah ADDY: Cinematography
2023 GOLD Utah ADDY: Music and Sound Design
2023 SILVER Utah ADDY: Television Advertising
2023 GOLD Regional ADDY: Music and Sound Design
2023 SILVER Regional ADDY: Television Advertising
2023 SILVER Regional ADDY: Cinematography

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